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Rapivet services is the best online pet care platform for pet care services. Choose from the wide range of quality pet care services i.e. pet doctor (veterinarian) pet groomer, pet vaccination, pet hostel/boarding, pet walker, pet food, pet trainer, telehealth all under one roof. we are not just like the typical services providers who run their business and you keep going to those shops for accessing your pet need but instead, our services providers will come to your home to serve your pet, yes you heard it right!!!!!! our services are completely at-home services. Just book the services choose the place, date, and time according to your comfort and our service providers will come to your home on the scheduled date and time to give your pet the required services. see how easy and comfortable we are. We understand your pets are your precious companion and their safety is your utmost priority, so all our services providers pass through a basic background check about their expertise field to ensures that your pets are in safe hands with our service providers. So experience the whole new way of pet care with Rapivet services and change the way you take care of your Pets.

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Pet illness is something nobody wants but we can't avoid that and apart from this going to a pet clinic is also a...


When it comes to grooming our pets be it a cat or be it dog it requires lots of effort and expertise. So what we do...


When it comes to the vaccination of pets it's always a responsibility for pet parents. Because vaccination is an .....


When it comes to selecting the pet food for our dog or cat we always wanted it to be the best. But as there are lots of....


Rapivet services have the best dog boarding in Jaipur you can leave your pet with us when you are out of...


A dog listen but from those who understand,this is what we do with our at home dog training,we create that...


In this busy life we get very less time for giving care to our pets and it results in health complications,a walk for a dog...

Tele- Health

Confused about your pet's eating habits, behavioural issues or sudden changes in activity? Then Rapiv...


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Rapivet services provide you the best in class at-home pet care services. Be it the service provider or quality of services we always choose the best, Because we understand how much a pet matters to the pet parents.

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A big saviour for a pet parent like me. I booked a doctor for my Bruno and the doctor arrived at my home on time and handled the treatment well.It was a very safe and doctor followed good hygiene, Totally worth it and more comfortable than those clinic visit.

Booked food service and their dog food expert firstly understood my Tuffy's nutrition requirements and helped me find the best suitable dog food for Tuffy. Also, they delivered the product within 3 hrs and offered me a good discount.Totally a new and unique expereince of buying dog food.

BIg relief in pet care, My dog was having some issue food issue, I booked the doctor from rapivet and he arrived on time observed my simba very calmly and treated well. Totally worth and i am happy with services.

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