3 Ways to stop hair fall in dogs


3 ways to stop hair fall in dogs.


Hairfall in dogs is the most common problem every pet parent suffers in their life. If you’ve noticed your dog shedding or losing hair, in clumps or generally over their body, it’s important you understand what the common causes might be before consulting a vet
If your dog is losing hair or shedding in clumps or generally a hair fall on their body it is important to understand why this happens and decide accordingly which path we should choose to stop the hair fall in your dog



Hairfall common symptom in dogs-


1. Hairs of dog dry.
2. Shedding more than usual
3. Appearance of bald patches on the body. It can be circular or in irregular shape.



Common Cause of Dog Hair Fall-



1. Most common in dog hair fall is the presence of ticks and fleas on their body
2. Any skin condition like dandruff or eczema.
3. Nutritional deficiency.
4. Ovarian or testicle tumors, mainly in older dogs can cause localized hair loss.
5. Hypothyroidism


How do I stop the hair fall in my dog  –



1. If your dog is suffering from point number 1,2,4,5 then it’s advised to consult a vet, Trying home remedies in this situation can create more severe problems in near future.
2. Use a dermatologically approved shampoo it is advised to take a shampoo prescribed by your regular vet. It can help you stop the hair fall in dog.
3. If your dog is having no issue but still shedding hair then it’s due to nutritional deficiency and it can be cured by giving a balanced diet. Initially, you can buy any dog food specially made for the skin as it will help in fulfilling nutritional deficient substance important for shinny and soft coat of a dog, after some time you can switch to a good dog food like royal canin or farming.



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Best Veterinary Doctor in Jaipur

Best Veterinary Doctor in Jaipur

Choosing an excellent veterinary doctor for your dog/cat is always challenging. We surely want the best available vet in our town so we can give our pet the best treatment
Like any other service provider, we can also identify an excellent veterinary doctor with certain metrics although this is not the dart shoot and you are going to hit the bull’s eye
but at least you will be pointing out 1-2 choices with a whole list.

When Should I find a vet?

Obviously, you will think whenever my dog or cat fall I will simply search on google pet clinic near me, and out of those result I will find the one and get my pet there for treatment but this is wrong. You should find a vet even before you need it because whenever our pet is ill we are already in pain and we may end up choosing the wrong veterinary doctor in a panic situation.

How Do I find the best veterinary doctor in Jaipur?

You can simply search on google pet clinic near me and you will get tons of results but before that, you should consult with fellow pet parents who can be your friends or family and ask about their experience with their vet and the difficulties they face apart from this you can read about their review online and come to a conclusion.

How Do I Know if a Veterinary doctor is right for my dog/cat?

Here are some points to consider-
1. First of all check their working hours and ask them if any emergency arrived outside of office hours will they be able to treat your pet
2. Also you can visit their place and talk with staff and know whether they are friendly or not, Whether the place is clean or not?
3. Also talk with the veterinary doctor about basic things on pet parenting by which you can identify whether he/she listens to you carefully or not.
4. Ask them about laboratory test whether it is available or if you have to do them at other places.

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How to Take Care of Dogs in Rain

6 Tips to take care of your dog in the rain season

Monsoon brings a lot of fun for both pets and pet parents. Everyone loves that smell of freshness in the air and wants to enjoy the rain. We should enjoy it but when it comes to our furry friends we should be aware of rain because the rainy season is ideal for skin infections, ticks, and many other diseases.
We are providing tips and hacks so you don’t have to worry about your pet’s health.

1. Keep their fur dry-

Dry your dog’s hair with a dry towel two times a day whenever it comes home after morning and evening walks or playtime. Keeping their hairs wet may cause bacterial and fungal infection because during rain season moisture in the atmosphere increase and so does the chances of infection also increase. You can also use waterless dog shampoo to keep their fur healthy and apart from this, you can also give them any good hair care supplement.

2. Keep Paws Dry-

Their paws are the most important things to be protected because they come in direct contact with the dirt and hence the bacteria and viruses also come in contact with the dirt. You can use any good-quality shoes to protect your paws during outdoor walks. If your dog is not comfortable with shoes then wash their paws with warm water and dry them with a towel

3. Keep ears cleaned-

Rain increase moisture in dogs’ ear so cleans your dog’s ear at least twice a week to protect them from getting an ear infection. If you feel anything unusual then contact a vet immediately.

4. Provide a Fiber-Rich diet-

During rain time we are not able to take them for a long walk like we usually do. Providing fiber-rich fruits and vegetables will balance that situation well and will avoid the problem of obesity in our dogs. You can engage them in indoor activities like going up and down stairs, playing fetch the ball in the hall, or similar activities to keep their gut movement healthy and well.

5. Check Ticks and Fleas-

Rain season is the ideal time for ticks and fleas breeding, Most dogs have ticks and fleas during monsoon so always keep checking under their body hair if they are scratching a particular body part too much. You can use an anti ticks shampoo also. If the issue of ticks and fleas is lasting longer then consult a vet immediately because in the long term they can destroy your dog’s health in a drastic way.

6. Deworm and Vaccinate-

This is the most crucial part of a dog’s health. Always keep your pet vaccinated and deworm. By vaccination and deworming you can protect your pet from a lot of diseases. Check our doorstep vaccination plans- Pet Vaccination Plans


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Is Human Medicine Safe For Pets? Ask a Pet Doctor.

Effect of human medicine on pets?pet doctor advice-

Whenever our pets fall ill we Indians have a habit of giving first aid treatment by ourselves sometimes it works but sometimes it can be proven fatal.Giving your pets human medicine when they fall ill can make them even more ill, we have covered impacts of human medicine on pets in this short and crisp blog read till end-

Can I give my dog/cat human Multivitamin-

Vitamins of humans contain toxic ingredients for dogs. Toxic ingredients are xylitol(liver failure), Vitamin D(Kidney failure), iron(which can cause severe diarrhea, and organ damage or failure), and calcium(which can cause mild stomach upset to kidney failure).It is always recommended to consult a pet doctor and give your cat or dog vitamins delicately made for pets.

Can I give my dog/cat Paracetamol-

Whenever your dog gets a fever we have a tendency of giving paracetamol to our pets as we usually take it ourselves whenever we get cold. Never give your dog paracetamol whenever it gets a fever because it contains a substance named acetaminophen which is toxic to dogs. If your dog is suffering from any such condition we recommend you to consult a veterinary doctor/pet doctor.

Can I give my dog/cat human painkillers-

Commonly used by humans for relieving minor pain. But you should never give your dog a human painkiller, It can be toxic and in some scenarios even it can be fatal. If your pet is having any such health issue you can book a home visit of a veterinary doctor from rapivet pet healthcare- Book Pet Doctor


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